Name: Halley (pronounced like Halle Berry, not Haley Joel Osment)

I grew up in the isolated quirky little town of Arcata on the northern coast of California and moved to Portland for college in 2004 and it has been home base ever since. I started riding bikes in 2010 when I got a great deal on a used road bike while working at REI. Being able to ride that fast and easily was a revelation. Since then I’ve added mountain and cyclocross bikes to my collection. I don’t race, but Swift lets me stay on the team since I do the graphic design of our kits, logos, and swag. I take any excuse to be outside and dabble in a lot of sports (cycling, paddle boarding, hiking, climbing, camping) – but skiing is my favorite, especially because I can Nordic and backcountry ski with my dogs Zoey, Jasper, and Sinka.

Instagram: @searchingfor75

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