Blind Date #3 race report

First I just wanted to say that Blind date has been a real blast and love seeing so many swifties out there.

While being only 3 points behind the series leader, I had four goals for BD#3.

Goal 1: have a good wholeshot; check!

Being high in the standings I got a front row call up. It wasn’t hard to slot into 2nd place on the first turn.

Goal 2: ride the velodrome wall EVERY lap; almost check

The previous week I didn’t ride the wall on the first lap and watched the 2 leaders ride away. I didn’t want that to happen again. See goal 4 for reasons why I failed.

Goal 3: Mark the series leader, then demoralize him by displaying a copious amount of skill; check!

We were battling it out for the first 3-4 laps when finally he popped and faded to 13th place.

Goal 4: final lap = my fastest lap; FAIL

With 2 laps to go I was in 5th place and was getting faster every lap. I was beginning to think of the leaders jersey when disaster happened. While in the tree section I got a centimeter long gash on the top of my tire. Stans no-tubes patched the hole but there wasn’t enough air to ride. I ran it out. My mechanical turned my “2 laps to go” into my final lap.

I ended up 28th out of 30. I’m glad I ran it out and I still had fun.

-Bill G