We got two podiums in Grand Prix this year Justin – 2nd Cat C John – 3rd Singlespeed and six top-ten finishes Matt – 8th Cat A Ben – 7th Cat A Mstr Andrew – 4th Cat B Tomasso – 8th Cat B Drew – 5th Cat B Mstr Travis – 8th Cat C Good work to these folks and… Read more →

Blind Date #3 race report

First I just wanted to say that Blind date has been a real blast and love seeing so many swifties out there. While being only 3 points behind the series leader, I had four goals for BD#3. Goal 1: have a good wholeshot; check! Being high in the standings I got a front row call up. It wasn’t hard to… Read more →

2015 Blind Date #2 C Men

After discovering last week that I am not in as bad of shape as I thought, I tried to line up somewhere other than my traditional back-o-the-pack placing. After the call-up, there were about 15 riders in front of me, including lots of Athlete’s Lounge kits. At the start, I took the inside line and got brake-checked by the guy… Read more →